Dog Belly Bands wrap around your dog’s tummy to train your dog not to mark. Dogs dislike wetting in the bands, and so are a reminder not to wee in the house.

Made with cute cotton fabric and lined with a super soft fleece for extra comfort


Lightly padded with a super absorbent terry towelling, great for soaking up leaks!

Non-elasticated for comfort

Fasten with Velcro for easy fitting.

Just pop a normal panty liner on the inside, and change this as regular as needed.

Fabulous for older dogs experiencing incontinence and younger dogs who are the process of house training


I have a wide range of fabrics that the belly bands can be made in. Please indicate what colour scheme or fabric print you prefer when you purchase and i will then email you some photos of fabric choices 


How to get the correct size-


Measure your dogs waist just in front of the hind legs. The belly band needs to be a snug fit but without being too tight. If using large Pads, please take this into account when measuring.

To check depth width of band needed also measure from in front of the hind leg to an inch past his boy bit.


Below are the standard sizes, If you need a certain size made up please just drop us a message

machine washable at 40 degrees & hang to dry


XSMALL - WAIST SIZE - 26cm, Belly band is 9cm Wide

SMALL -  WAIST SIZE - 33cm, Belly band is 11.5cm Wide

MEDIUM - WAIST SIZE - 40cm, Belly band is 14cm Wide

LARGE - WAIST SIZE - 48cm, Belly band is 17cm Wide


I can make these bands to your dog's own measurements



Belly Bands