Hand Crafted Dog Lead

Strong Braided Fleece in a gorgeous Brown, Cream & Red
Made with 4 strands of top quality Fleece which is braided for strength and durability. They are soft on your hands and have a slight stretch in them without losing the shape or overly stretching when tugging

They are great for playing with your dog as the they can be used as a tug toy whilst out on walks. The tightly braided fleece is strong yet gentle on the dogs mouth


Brown, Cream & Red Braided Fleece Dog Lead


    All Trigger clip leads come in Standard 42 inch (107cm) approx Length including clip

    O Ring Slip Leads are approx 56" long (143cm)

    And are available in 3 different thickness.

    SMALL - 4cm circumference (1.5cm width across) Suited to small toy breeds / puppies

    MEDIUM - 5.8cm circumference (2cm width across) Suited to small/medium sized dogs

    LARGE - 7.7cm circumference (2.5cm width across)  Suitable for large breeds

    Other lengths / widths are available, please message me for price